Retail Construction & Renovation Services in Brooklyn NY

Retail construction is a booming industry that’s only going to continue growing. If you’re planning on investing in this space anytime soon, Adir Contracting Group can help by providing expertise and guidance through every step of the process from design consultation all the way down to installation and repair work. We offer modern amenities like indoor shopping centres with stunning architecture – making your store an attractive destination for customers who want both quality merchandise as well as convenient access! If you’re in the market for a commercial renovation, Adir Contracting Group is here to help. We provide smart features and design that will meet all your branding requirements while minimizing logistical issues with infamously complex specifications – just ask us!

Types of Retail Construction Projects Adir Contracting Group Offers

To ensure that you are taken care of, our team is available for any project. We have a variety of services to offer and will do anything we can in order to satisfy your needs as best we can!


Do you want to add more space at your commercial facilities? Are you in need of optimizing the flow of your commercial store? At Adir Contracting Group, we can work on a variety of different projects ranging from small scale ones to large scale ones. We have the necessary tools and the professional expertise to assist you with timely deliveries and in the required budget. We can change the entire look & feel of your existing commercial space into a brand new one in the nick of time.


Are you planning on a new rollout program? Do you want your commercial facility to stand out from the rest? Let our experts take care of everything right from the start. We, as general contractors, can make important decisions on your behalf. Now track your entire progress with Adir Contracting Group so we can meet your expectations on demand. Our teams thoroughly understand your business model and translate your brand information in every architectural detail of your retail store without hassle.

Build Outs

When you purchase a new retail store location, it’s normally just flooring and four walls. If you’re starting out from scratch, our general contractors in Brooklyn can assist you by redesigning your commercial store just the way you want. We are a complete construction build out company where our experts can do a lot to understand your business project and design it in a way that fits your budget. Upon customization approvals, we perform all the necessary tasks to give you just the build outs you desire.

Open Store

Everything we do, we make sure of doing it without causing you any potential business loss. We make sure your store remains open while we perform the necessary construction works at your premises. Just in case, if it's a job for an entire place remodeling or business renovation works, we may book your slot beforehand to make sure your customers don’t have to experience any inconvenience. You can inform them early on by sending them a message or an email.

Our Retail Construction Services

General Contracting

Making sure your retail project is completed on time and to the best of its ability requires a strong team. Our general contracting team can handle whatever issues arise, from small scale executions to large-scale projects with ease as we have experience in various types of construction including restaurants, grocery stores, malls, etc.

Site Assessment & Budgeting

Our commercial team performs a thorough site assessment and estimates the budget that will be incurred at your premises. Before construction even begins, our team makes sure your retail project is sustainable and cost-effective by using local experience. We also find the right location for your company's needs and budget.

Blueprint Design & Approvals

When it comes to designing your existing retail store location, we take a profound approach in creating your blueprint designs. You don't have to worry about your retail project's design and style standards because we will assist you with approvals. We make sure designs are approved not only by you, as well as local regulators so once construction starts.

Valuable Engineering

Last but not the least, we offer valuable engineering. We keep everything transparent with our clients right from the beginning. Our goal is to ensure every dollar that you spend is spent wisely and in the right places. We have trained teams who have ample experience in creating purposeful architectures. Whatever we do, we make sure we do it to provide value to you & your customers.

Contact Us Now for Retail Construction Projects

After decades in the industry, our professionals know how to remodel commercial properties. We’re ready with state-of-the art equipment and experienced tradespeople on hand for all your site needs. Do you want to work with a general contracting company that exceeds expectations? Our general contractors at Adir Contracting Group are always available.

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