Historical Restoration & Renovation Services in NYC

Got a Landmark That Needs Attention?

Is there a historical site in your neighbourhood that has become old & worn out? Has it been a while since anyone has paid any attention to its renovation works? If so, then now might be the time to contact the Adir Contracting Group. We offer historical landmark preservation services in NY where our team of professional builders can restore your historical landmark to its original state. We can revive almost any historical landmark, may it be located in a residential zone or a commercial zone. We have the most exceptionally talented general contractors who hold ample experience in transforming historical locations.

We can provide assistance with

Addition of New Floors to Existing Structures

Façade Preservation
& Restoration

Interior Demolition
& Retrofit

Modern Technology

New MEP & Elevators in Existing Structures

Relocation of Existing Historic Structures/Structural Support/Bracing

Do you have any historical landmarks associated with your property and require renovation works?

Hire the Best Residential Historic Restoration Contractors in NYC

The USA is filled with countless historic landmarks which fall in the residential category. These homes are the fruit of years and even centuries worth of architectural progress, each style unique in its own way. It takes an expert’s observation to find the hidden beauty within these structures and therefore, when we talk about restorations of historic landmarks and properties, it can get a little challenging. Are you someone who holds an increasing desire to preserve history & restore it to its original state? Adir Contracting Group can help you do just that.

We are a team of professional general contractors focused on the restoration of historic properties in NYC. We have worked in quite a few places over time, and have provided our clients with nothing more than outstanding services for each project. Our builders are fully experienced with restoring all kinds of historic properties, including churches, courthouses, mansions and even skyscrapers. Hire our experts to bring back the glory and charm of your old and worn out property.

We will provide you the complete services necessary throughout the entire restoration process, from planning to complete the job. From the initial consultation to design, material procurement and final completion of the restoration project, we will be there for you every step of the way.

Why Is Historic Building Restoration Important?

Historic landmarks are structures which have been built in the past. These structures were once home to historical figures and events, but over time, they became old and worn out. When this happens, these structures eventually lose their charm and we believe it is essential that these buildings should be in their best shape & accessible since they hold a historical significance. At Adir Contracting Group, we are committed to ensuring that every historical building in our vicinity is restored to its previous glory. We offer our clients a complete restoration solution, from design to completion. Besides, when it comes to economic benefits, historic buildings hold a strong advantage. These structures are what attracts tourists and visitors round the year. Have you considered the idea of hosting events which are held in historical landmarks? If so, then we are the right place to call.

Why Choose Adir Contracting Group for Historic Renovation in NYC?

When we talk about repairs & restoration of historic landmarks, we understand it can get a little overwhelming, but we at Adir Contracting Group will provide you with nothing short of exceptional services. Here’s why:
We understand that preserving our region’s rich history is of utmost significance. Our work in this particular area is expensive whereas our teams are fully aware of how to include new roofing or inserting steel columns & beams into the building designed almost 100 years ago. We are skilled in the art of performing masonry & restoring windows. We have exceptional talent in laying down plumbing systems or designing your HVAC setups. When it comes to historical renovation, we are second to none in NYC.

Frequently Asked Questions

To be considered “historic,” your house or building must make an important contribution to the history of a place, group or subject.

Historic places are usually old buildings that have some historical significance like being famous for their architecture and design; they can also hold significant memories about people who were historically influential in certain events.

Historic preservation increases property values and enables local businesses to stay in business, keeping main streets and downtowns economically viable. Heritage tourism is a powerful economic force that can be seen when historic character has been maintained.

Saving historic buildings from demolition not only preserves our country’s past, but also provides a substantial economic benefit in the long term.

The restoration of historical buildings is important for many reasons. Not only does it preserve valuable architecture and history itself, but there are also major benefits to the economy in local areas when these types of projects take place on an ongoing basis within them.

If you are planning a large renovation project, one involving major changes to the building structure or needing extensive construction work it may be best to hire an experienced general contractor. If this is your case then they will take care of every aspect involved in creating and maintaining their vision for the space including design, subcontracting tradespeople, managing permits, inspections etc.

Why believe in our general contractors in NYC?

We’re the construction and program management experts you need when it comes to meeting your project goals on-time, within budget. We have a superior safety record that keeps projects moving forward smoothly with no problems or delays. When we work together through collaboration, innovative processes and an open dialogue about how best to meet your needs – you’ll be able to hit all of those critical milestones without any hiccups along the way!

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